While sitting in an airport in Egypt, I was listening to a Spotify playlist that I put together to put me in a relaxed mood for my 11 hour flight back to NY. The playlist was full of songs with airy beats that were carefully selected to remind me of the air, the sky, the clouds--you get the picture.

One of these “fresh-air type” songs (and also one of my all-time favorite “happy” songs), “‘93 Til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief, popped up and immediately transported me back to 1993. I was back in my dorm room watching this video for the first time. I remembered thinking to myself, “I’ve gotta visit Cali!” I was ready to hop on the jet and fly left for 6 hours because the sun and palm trees that the Souls were moving through in the vid looked much better than my reality at the time (stuck in my room while yet another one of Syracuse, NY’s lake effect snowstorms did what it did almost every day: snow and snow HARD!)

I then thought about my boys. My crew. Friends that I made earlier in the school year in the Fall of ‘92. They were in my room when the video came on. As we did most afternoons at around 4 o’clock, we would watch Rap City and vote on whether a song was “hot” or “wack.” Sometimes we disagreed and debated, but when we didn’t say a word and all the heads were nodding, you knew the song was a certified banger!

I then thought about how lucky I was to meet these dudes, and how God has blessed each of us by putting us in each other’s paths over 20 years ago. Over the years, we’ve lifted each other up in good times and bad. We’ve cracked on each other (a lot!), defended and went to war for each other, sometimes been mistaken for each other (even though none of us looks alike--not even a little bit!), fought with each other, and showed up for each other when we were needed. From time to time, each of us has “gone off the grid” for a minute to deal with life’s tougher times (aka “life sh*t”) and was welcomed back to the fold with open arms, no judgment, and treated like we were never gone. To me, that’s true friendship.

So to my SU Crew, this post is to thank you for being my friends for life. Thank you for all of the good times, the support for the tough ones, the lessons that we learned together and the ones that you taught me on the low (class was always in session whether y’all realized it or not). Thank you for being there. With all due respect to the Souls of Mischief, I’m going to rename the song in honor of my crew. Here’s to “‘92 Til Infinity”, gentlemen. Salute!


AuthorBrian Gillard