What the Heck Is This?

 What may look like just a bunch of random photos and musings, is actually organized confusion. A well-thought out showcase of stuff I like. Period. Point blank. 

Who's it For?

Everyone! but will probably get the most neck-snapping head-nods from my brethren-- "thirtysomething and fortysomething black guys that grew up in the hip-hop generation that are not on the corners but are in corner offices but at the same time aren't bourgie"-- and the women that love 'em.

Right, true...but who are you?

A freshly-minted 40 year-old Black dude with possible Adult ADD who's from the hood but not of it. Comfortable, with the ability to be charismatic and crack jokes in just about any setting or locale who's just trying to figure out what's next for his life. This blog will be his labor of love that will give the world a window into music and clothes-that have been and continue to be- the soundtrack and the costume of his life.